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AQA & OCR questions by topic that will boost your grades!

Free AQA and OCR Topic Questions

Thousands of questions organised by topic that contain ONLY questions related to that topic!

Range of challenge – Questions cherry picked from multiple specifications to give a maximum range of variety and a whole spectrum of challenge. If you are a Nando’s lover like us, you will see we have classified each question’s difficulty based on the Nando’s heat scale!

Question PDFs – download question packs and work offline. Open and multiple choice questions.

Topic questions are the perfect way to master every topic, one at a time. They make revision more effective and have been proven to substantially improve grades.

Model Answers and Explanations

Model answers written by experts – Our model answers have been written by experienced teachers and examiners. For the questions worth 3+ marks it’s incredibly useful to see an answer that, not only contains all the necessary points in the mark scheme, but also links them together in a cohesive and logical way.

Why is this the answer? Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why the answer given in the mark scheme is the actual answer, so we’ve also included explanations behind many of the answers.

Key notes embedded within to help students gain a better understanding of the topic.


Our aim is to help our students to:

Develop more effective and efficient study skills

Acquire the deeper understanding required for the hardest questions

Enhance exam technique, applying detailed knowledge of the exam system

Obtain the best grade by sharing exam tips and providing detailed feedback

Prepare for exams by supplying high-quality resources

Increase confidence by guaranteeing there are no knowledge gaps

Learn from the comfort of home!

I work closely with students and parents to prepare a personalised learning plan, employing a variety of teaching styles according to the student’s needs.