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Dalton Chemistry Tuition

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Chris Dalton Chemistry Tuition

Chris Dalton

No relation to the world famous Chemist John Dalton, however, I am a Masters-educated Chemistry Teacher of over 15 years and a Senior Examiner with an outstanding record of improving grades and confidence. I specialise in tailored Chemistry tuition for A-Levels.

Being аn experienced exаminer аnd teаcher reаlly helps, but, key аlsо is а gооd sense оf humоur аnd reаl flexibility. We аll leаrn differently аnd hаve diverse needs аnd I reаlly cаre аbоut dоing the аbsоlute best thаt I cаn fоr eаch student. It brings me so much pride and joy that I have helped hundreds of students into their careers of choice.

As an online tutor, I’m available for tuition pretty much anywhere in the world! Online tuition is very efficient, and with tools such as Skype and Bitpaper this more progressive form of tuition can really embrace the marvels of modern technology whilst still providing students with a personal interaction.

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My aims are to help students to:

Develop more effective and efficient study skills

Acquire the deeper understanding required for the hardest questions

Enhance exam technique, applying detailed knowledge of the exam system

Obtain the best grade by sharing exam tips and providing detailed feedback

Prepare for exams by supplying high-quality resources

Increase confidence by guaranteeing there are no knowledge gaps

Work Experience

  • Over 15 years of teaching experience in a wide range of institutions;
  • Experienced online tutor working with students in 4 continents;
  • Enhanced DBS checked;

Qualifications & Certifications

  • MChem, PGCE and QTS from Loughborough University;
  • Joint Council of Qualification Award to services to examining;
  • Senior examiner for AQA A2 Chemistry;

Learn from the comfort of home!

I work closely with students and parents to prepare a personalised learning plan, employing a variety of teaching styles according to the student’s needs.