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The best AQA exam questions by topic you will find anywhere! All questions in these exam packs have been cherry picked from a multitude of exam boards to give a huge range of variety and challenge. All questions are entirely specific to the stated topic the AQA specification .

If you are a Nando’s lover like myself, you will see we have classified each questions difficulty based on the Nando’s heat scale!

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AS Physical Chemistry

Isotopic Abundance and Atomic Structure

Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry

Ionisation Energies

Amount of Substance

Water of Crystallisation

Ideal Gas Calculations (PV=nRT)

% Yield and Atom Economy

Structure and Bonding

Shape of Molecules

Bond Enthalpies


Hess’s Law

Le Chatelier’s Principle

Kc Calculations

AS Inorganic Chemistry

Qualitative Analysis

AS Organic Chemistry

Isomerism and Nomenclature

Pollutants and Cracking

Free Radical Substitution


Ozone Depletion

E/Z isomerism

Reactions of Alkenes

Addition Polymerisation

IR spectroscopy

A2 Physical Chemistry

Born Haber Cycles

Enthalpy of Solution

Rate Equations- Initial Rate Tables

Rate Equations – Experimental and Graphical

The Rate Determining Step

The Arrhenius Equation

Kp Calculations

Electrochemical Cells

Acids and Base Calculations

pH Curves, Titrations and Indicators

A2 Inorganic Chemistry

Transition metals

Redox Titrations

Reactions in Aqueous Solution

A2 Organic Chemistry

Aldehydes and Ketones

Organic Chemical Tests

Optical Isomerism

Carboxylic Acids and Esters

Purification of Organic Solid and Liquids

Vegetable Oils

Condensation Polymers

Amino Acids


Hydrolysis of Amides and Esters

Organic Synthesis

Carbon-13 NMR

Structure Determination