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Exam Preparation Mixture 

AS Mixture (74041 & 74042) 

AS & A2 Mixture (74053)

AS Physical Chemistry

1.1 Atomic Structure

1.2 Calculations

1.3 Bonding

1.4 Energetics

1.5 Reaction Kinetics

1.6 Equilibria

1.7 Redox

AS Inorganic Chemistry

2.2-2.3 Inorganic Chemistry

AS Organic Chemistry

3.1 Introduction to Organic Chemistry

3.2 Alkanes

3.3 Halogenoalkanes

3.4 Alkenes

3.5 Alcohols

A2 Physical Chemistry

1.8 Thermodynamics

1.9 Rate Equations

1.10 Equilibrium constant Kp

1.11 Electrode Potentials

1.12 Acid and Base Equilibria

A2 Inorganic Chemistry

2.4 Period 3

2.5 Transition Metals

2.6 Reactions of Aqueous Ions

A2 Organic Chemistry

3.7-3.8 Carbonyls and Optical isomerism

3.9 Carboxylic acids and Derivatives

3.10 Aromatic Chemistry

3.11 Amines

3.12 Condensation Polymerisation

3.13 Amino acids, Proteins and DNA

3.14 Organic Synthesis

3.15-3.16 NMR and Chromatography