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Exam Preparation Mixture 

AS H032/01 Breadth in Chemistry Mixture

H432/01 Periodic Table, Elements and Physical Chemistry Mixture

H432/02 Synthesis and Analytical Techniques Mixture

Module 2

Atomic Structure

Amount of Substance and Acids

Bonding and Structure

Module 3


Group 2, the Halogens and Qualitative Analysis

Enthalpy Changes

Reaction Rates


Module 4

Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry and Alkanes




Organic Synthesis and Analysis

Module 5

How Fast?

How Far?

Acids, Bases and Buffers

Redox and Electrode Potentials

Transition Metals and Qualitative Analysis

Module 6

Aromatic Compounds


Carboxylic Acids and Esters

Amines, Amino acids, Amides and Chirality

Polyesters and Polyamides

Organic Synthesis

Chromatography and Spectroscopy