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What Students and Parents Say

My daughter had Chris as a tutor for about 10 months from the end of lower 6th until now as A levels have been cancelled. In that time she progressed massively and consistently outperformed expectations with the support of Chris. He was patient, very clear in his teaching, explained everything clearly and had a fantastic approach to teaching. Would recommend wholeheartedly.


★★★★★, 21/03/2020

Chris’ teaching is focused on his student needs. Before the lesson, he contacted us and my daughter requested him to focus on exam techniques for specific topics which he taught expertly. He guided my daughter excellently on how to maximise marks on each question. Highly recommended tutor! DR Ahmed

Dr Ahmed

★★★★★, 18/01/2020

My son has already had a few lessons with Chris, who seems to be knowledgeable in the subject of Chemistry. He also states that Chris has already helped him in understanding how to answer exam questions and pointed out his weak areas, which Chris is intending to concentrate on to help him improve his grades. I think that Chris’ approach to teaching is very useful and will make a difference in my son’s End of Year exams.


★★★★★, 18/06/2019

I was looking for someone to help my daughter further her understanding of the complex subject matter in Chemistry. Chris has a very good understanding of his subject and been very helpful at explaining these concepts to her in a clear concise manner. He uses past paper questions and goes through the marking scheme which my daughter finds very useful. He is always punctual and very friendly which is a real bonus. Thanks.


★★★★★, 13/03/2017

Chris has helped my son over the summer mainly focussing on exam technique; my son now knows exactly what examiners are looking for and how to structure his responses. Chris is very approachable and his lessons are engaging. Thank you, Chris


★★★★★, 30/08/2019

Chris is an outstanding tutor and you do get what you pay for. My daughter was struggling with her Chemistry A level and was heading towards a D grade. She had a handful of lessons and completed the Easter revision course with Chris. She got a B grade at A level. I believe if she had started earlier, with a little more time she would have easily got the A. From our perspective Chris is a top tutor, he was able to quickly identify and then target what my daughter needed to know. She knew instantly the first time they met that he was an amazing teacher. You will be lucky if you find him available.


★★★★★, 18/02/2019

Chris has helped my son work towards his chemistry A-Level, in which he has just attained an A*. We found Chris to be an amazing tutor, with great communication and the ability to teach my son in a way where the information sunk in. He shows great passion and dedication in his tutoring and we cannot thank him enough for his help. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a chemistry tutor.


★★★★★, 28/08/2017

Chris was a fantastic tutor and really helped me understand the concepts of chemistry and his teaching techniques were exactly what I needed in order to progress and further my knowledge and understanding of the subject. I would highly recommend him. My grades massively improved with Chris` help and his tuition meant I came out with a grade A in A-Level Chemistry compared to the D and E grades I had been achieving for most of the 2-year course.


★★★★★, 18/08/2017

Excellent tutor, very professional, made my son feel comfortable straight away, doesn`t waste time gets straight into teaching. He challenges the student to find out what they know, but in a non-threatening way, if struggling helps them to work out the answer. Definitely would recommend.


★★★★★, 31/07/2017

My son thinks Chris is great. As I don`t attend the lessons myself – I rely on my son`s feedback and he says Chris helps him to work out the problems for himself – it`s just right for him. He is using Chris more than expected to help him understand the subject, as Chris is very good at explaining. The online tuition format works great too – makes it easy to communicate between student and tutor.


★★★★★, 03/02/2018

Thank you for providing Maisy with excellent tutoring. She really values your sessions and has progressed in Chemistry over the past few months. Your encouraging, positive approach is a great motivator.


★★★★★, 15/05/2017

Chris has made a real difference in my daughter`s confidence and her results have improved significantly. She enjoys the meetings and it`s clear he quickly understands the gaps in her knowledge and skills and how to close them – thanks a lot! Tony.


★★★★★, 23/03/2017

Nathan found the Easter holiday revision days extremely useful. Chris gave lots of positive feedback which improved Nathan’s confidence and provided extra resources for him to continue using. We would definitely recommend Chris to others as a fabulous tutor.


★★★★★, 22/04/2019

We have previously used tutors for my daughter but I can honestly say that they have never had as much of a positive impact on my daughter and her understanding of complex A Level chemistry. She is finally understanding what is being taught and looks forward to the sessions as Chris has made this interesting engaging and understandable – meaning that she is excelling in the topic :). My daughter’s words `I wish he was a teacher at the 6th form`. Can’t thank you enough, very pleased.


★★★★★, 30/09/2016

This was my first time needing a tutor and I couldn`t have asked for anyone better. Chris’ friendly teaching methods help me to understand complicated concepts, which has boosted my confidence and is helping me to achieve A`s in recent tests after only a few weeks.


★★★★★, 11/03/2017