Dalton Chemistry Tuition

How I Work With My Students

My experience as an A Level Chemistry examiner enables me to guide students on how to maximise their performance in exams. I work with my students through mark schemes, helping them to interpret them, and revise independently. I emphasise the need for accurate terminology in explanations and clear working out of calculations. Also, I help students understand the structure of standard exam questions as well as approaches to unfamiliar ones.

My resources and worksheets range from introduction of topics to activities that challenge students to the A/A* grade. I am aware of typical problem areas where students struggle as well as common misconceptions, and I tackle them in ways that students feel comfortable with.

Chemistry Tuition Online

Online Chemistry tuition

I аm particularly well set up fоr оnline tuitiоn with а lаrge dedicаted оffice, fаst PCs, superfаst fibre brоаdbаnd cоnnectiоn, HD webcаm аnd аn аbsоlute weаlth оf digitаl resоurces. I think thаt the mаin reаsоn my tutees enjоy my teаching sо much аnd аre sо successful is thаt everything is bespоke tо their needs.

Online tuition has come a long way in the last decade. The technology and software available have made online tuition reliable, hassle free, and fun. In fact, I’ve found that being able to be face-to-face with our students throughout the session over the video chat is actually an improved experience to that of being side-by-side at a table in the traditional, ‘in person’ set up! It truly makes a difference to the student engagement and student-tutor connection during the session.

We use Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video so we can communicate as if we were in the same room. I also use an online whiteboard called Bitpaper. This is our ‘paperʼ. This really simple, easy to use, interactive whiteboard appears on both of our screens and both tutor and student can write on it and see what each other is writing in real-time. Better than paper though, the interactive whiteboard has a lot of additional features that really make the online tuition experience superb, and fun!

Weʼll set up a permanent classroom that’s just for you. Youʼll always be able to find all your whiteboards from past sessions there. You can also download your whiteboards at any time and save them or print them.

The simplest way to write on bitpaper is using a tablet and digital stylus or alternatively you can plug one of these inexpensive graphics tablets into the USB port on any laptop or desktop, and that will allow you to write on the whiteboard too. I use a Wacom One graphics tablet.